Commercial Property Security Services
Cancom provides specialized commercial property security services for corporate buildings, office towers, research and manufacturing facilities and warehouses in Ottawa. Corporate security managers often experience unique security challenges and need highly reliable professionals to address the unique needs of their premises. Cancom can help with that.
Commercial property security services that make a difference in Ottawa
Cancom has the expertise and the infrastructure required to offer elite commercial property security services to protect clients’ customers, property and premises. We have a large , highly-skilled workforce ready to take on your security challenges in Ottawa.

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Our range of services includes:

Our security professionals can be dressed in a sophisticated concierge style uniform to demonstrate authority while providing an enjoyable and professional experience for the general public on a daily basis.

  • Highly-trained security guards
  • Mobile patrols
  • 24/7 alarm response units
  • Site security assessments
  • Security breach prevention
  • Fire protection
  • Specialized training
  • High-end security technologies to streamline operations
  • Administrative support
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